Hiring Millennials: Risky or Rewarding?

It seems like the millennials have taken over the workforce these days. These are the folks who were born right as the Internet was shaping into the powerful resource it is today. As a result, they tend to embrace technology. They also have different views when it comes to their work styles, and defining roles in the workplace. For some companies, this can be a blessing, while for others this can be very difficult to get accustomed to.

Here, we will discuss the risks and rewards of hiring millennials at your company.

The Risks of Hiring Millenials

As with any hire, there will be risks when you hire millennials. Even though there are risks, they are not strong enough to deter you from hiring a millennial for your office. One of the main risks associated with hiring a millennial is that they are less likely to display loyalty to your company. This means that gone are the days of having someone work at the same place for 20 or more years, or even until retirement age.

The loyalty factor is one of the most glaring risks associated with hiring millennials today. We are not saying that every single millennial will have trouble being loyal, it is just that the majority of them will tend to move from one job to the next. They will want to gain as much experience and exposure as possible, which is why changing jobs is common.

The Rewards of Hiring Millenials

The rewards of hiring a millennial far outweigh the risks and they will surely improve your company. Millennials love to be coached. They have grown up with all their lives. They will want it at work too. This means that if you have managers who love to provide guidance and teach, then millennials will be the perfect hire at your company.

Millennials will want to have as much fun at work as possible. Just because it is called work, it does not have to be boring or dreadful. A group of millennials will want to contribute their ideas and be rewarded for performing to the best of their ability. This can turn your office into an exciting place to be each day and can improve your corporate culture.

Millennials will find it extremely easy to work in teams. They love to collaborate and that really is all they know from their years of education. When putting millennials in groups, make sure that they the deadlines are provided and that they know what the business boundaries are with each project.

As you can see, the rewards outweigh the risks when determining whether or not to hire millennials for your company. Take the time to meet with them, hear their ideas, and let them make major contributions to your organization. You will be pleased with the outcome. Ready to hire your own Millenial workforce? Talk to Advance Staffing Solutions in Detroit today!




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