Perfect Resumes for Manufacturing Jobs

Is it possible to write the perfect resume — even for a manufacturing job in Ohio or Michigan? We certainly think so, but it all depends on who you talk to and who is going to read the resume. Everyone has their opinions about resumes, including what should and should not be included on them. This means that a perfect resume for one employer will not be a perfect resume for another employer. Do not let this get you down when writing yours for manufacturing jobs or else you will have trouble succeeding.

Sell Your Personal Brand

With all types of resumes, you need to sell your personal brand as much as possible. Your brand needs to be at the top of the resume and in the form of a one-to-three sentence statement. It absolutely must show to potential employers what it is you have done in your manufacturing career. When they read what you have done, they will be able to envision what you can do for their company if you are hired.

Use Manufacturing Keywords

A manufacturing resume must include keywords associated to the industry or to the jobs you have worked throughout your career. You need to include them naturally, not just thrown into the content, so they flow with the sentence being read. This will take a little bit of research on your part if you have never done this before, so be sure you set aside enough time to make sure that this is done correctly prior to writing the resume.

Relevant Work Experience

No matter what industry you are writing a resume for, it must have your relevant work experience on it. The tip here is not to simply list your previous jobs, but to provide stories from those jobs of your success. Underneath each job, be sure to mention something that you had a hand in while at the company that improved things. This can be a goal met, a new policy implemented or a new record set.

Core Competencies

Something that can be done on a manufacturing resume that is a little different from a regular resume is listing your core competencies at the top of your resume. These competencies let the potential employer know what you have been responsible for while on the job. For example, you could list regulatory compliance, site safety and budgeting and cost reduction in this section. This section is not on typical resumes, so it will surely grab the attention of the human resource managers reading your resume.
In an effort to write a perfect manufacturing resume, be sure that you focus on the strong points in your career. Also, make sure that your resume has a statement at the very top that sets you apart from all the other candidates for the job. If you can do this, you should have no trouble securing a manufacturing job interview in Michigan or Ohio. Advance Temporary can help you get closer to your ideal manufacturing job in Detroit, Sylvania or Toledo.




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