Lead Through Learning – Promote New Skills In the Workplace

Promoting new skills in the workplace is very important for companies around the world. Why? Leading through learning is an excellent way to promote and develop new skills, especially when there are a lot of new hires in the building. Transferring existing skills from experienced employees to new employees is a critical component of workplace operations, but so is bringing in fresh, new skills to take the company into the future.

To accomplish this, you will want to develop a process for promoting new skills amongst your workers. Here’s how.

Provide Information and Training

One of the best things you can do for employees when promoting new skills is to provide information and training to all of them, no matter how long they have been employed. When employees have access to information and training they are more likely to acquire new skills and succeed while on the job. You need to identify what skills must be developed the most within your office and then provide training programs related to those skills for your employees.

Assess the Skills of Employees

Companies must also assess the current skills of all the employees on the payroll right now. This includes new hires, veteran workers and even temporary employees. Anyone who walks through the door of your company and earns a paycheck should have their skills evaluated. In a work environment, companies can assess the skills of their employees by administering computer tests or simply watching employees to see what they can and cannot do with specific tasks assigned to them. Workplace Learning Detroit IL takes place by carefully tracking all skills and adding new ones to the mix.

Encouragement is Key to Promoting New Skills

If you are trying to promote new skills at the workplace, it is imperative that the company encourage employees as much as possible. Praise should be showered upon employees when they achieve a new skill, especially since they worked hard to obtain that skill. This can be done with the creation of an incentive program, a recognition ceremony or offering promotions to higher positions due to continued improvement by employees.

Stay Consistent

If your company has created an incentive program for employees who learn new skills, make sure you stay consistent with it. Employees want to know that the program will be available one year from now. They will not want something that is here for just a couple of months because their motivation to learn new skills will disappear once the incentive program ends.

Prepare for Mistakes

No one is perfect. This mantra should be kept in mind when promoting new skills at the workplace. Your employees will make mistakes, and even struggle at times, when trying to learn new skills. Be prepared for this and let the employees know that you are here to make their training and education as easy as possible when learning new skills.




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