How to Attract, Retain and Develop Star Supervisors

Attracting, retaining and developing star supervisors is paramount to thriving in an ultra-competitive market. It’s not impossible to do, but it takes an investment in time, training and money on the part of the company, as well as an investment of commitment from the candidate being chosen for the supervisor position.

Let’s talk about how to recruit and keep the best management team engaged in your company’s success.

The Workplace Must be a Positive One
In order to recruit – and ultimately retain – star supervisors, you must provide them with as much of a positive workplace as possible. Management teams will not want to stay with their current company if the workplace is not enjoyable due to negative attitudes or poor culture. At the same time, supervisors must also be able to stay positive while at work if they want to keep their employees happy and at the company for prolonged periods.

Offer Quality Programs for Supervisors
Star supervisors will be more inclined to stay with your company if you have quality programs in place for everyone to enjoy. This means that aside from increases in salary, you could also offer supervisors programs that add extra benefits. These benefits include flexible work schedules, extra paid time off, child care, memberships to a gym, and much more.

Create a Managers’ Mentoring Program
Another excellent way to attract and retain top supervisors is to create a mentoring program. This can be company-wide, but it should have a strong focus on employees who want to be promoted to supervisory positions. The program should pair either regular employees with supervisors or rookie supervisors with veteran ones so everyone can learn how to work in such a role.

Focus on What is Right in a Supervisor’s Job
You must also focus on what the supervisor is doing right while on the job and not too much on what they are doing wrong. When you put more of an emphasis on the positives instead of the negatives, the supervisors will be more inclined to remain at their current company. This can be done by having individual meetings with supervisors and by recognizing their accomplishments in front of the entire workforce.

Increase Morale at the Office
Morale at the company must be very high in order to retain star supervisors. This can be done by showing your supervisors how they can work smarter and not harder while on the job. Have your supervisors create a list of their daily activities and show them how they can get it done smarter instead of spending more time on each task. They should work faster, show a stronger commitment, and take on as much work as possible to work smarter.

Recruiting, retaining and developing star supervisors can be a difficult task for companies to complete, but when it is done properly, the reward will be immense. Partner with a staffing firm like Advance Staffing Solutions to learn how to implement and reap all the benefits of a star supervisor program.




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