Are your References Actually a Hindrance to Your Job Search?

Believe it or not, a person’s job references could end up being a hindrance in the search for a new job. When this happens, the candidate could struggle to land the new job they’re applying for. Candidates should consider examining their current references and making some changes in order to impress potential employers. Any negative items influencing your job search, including poor references, could automatically disqualify you from your dream job.

Read on to learn how to avoid making your references work against your job search efforts.

Common problems:

  • References Cannot be Reached
    One of the first signs that a reference is hindering your job search is that the person cannot be reached. This is a very bad sign on your part. Before you list someone as a reference on your resume, make sure they will return a phone call or an email within 24 to 48 hours to the potential employer. If they do not wish to be named as a reference, do not put them on your resume. Avoid the issue altogether – right up front.
  • References Are Not Credible
    Another way references could negatively impact your job search is if they are not credible themselves. This could mean that she is a peer in the workplace, friend, or mere acquaintance. You really should limit your references to managers and supervisors for whom you have worked. References should never be co-workers or other office peers. This will hinder your job search immensely.
  • References Cannot Speak About Your Work
    The next potential way your references could hinder your job search is by being unable to speak about your work. It is understandable that it looks very strong to have a director or vice president listed as a reference on your resume, but these people might not be able to speak to the strength of your work if you come from a large company. When references cannot speak to your work, they can hinder your job search more than you might think.
  • Failure to Notify References in Advance
    When you list someone on a resume as a reference, be sure you let them know that they will be contacted soon, and tell them the name of the company and the person who will be contacting them. If you fail to notify the references that they will be contacted, this can lead to them being surprised by the reference-checking phone call. Do not let this happen because it will reflect poorly on your part.Avoid having these things happen when a hiring manager tries to reach one of your work references. Have a list of people as a backup and routinely check your own references as you search for a job.
  • References Don’t Remember You
    One of the biggest hindrances with references is when they do not remember you. If this happens, it means that you have not spoken to the reference in quite some time or they are from a job you held years ago. Stay in touch with the people who are your references – even when you are not actively looking for a job – because you want them to remember you.

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