5 Reasons a Temp Agency can Boost Your Candidate Search

Companies routinely recruit new employees so they have someone to contact when positions become available. Waiting until the last minute to fill open jobs can hurt your chances of finding the strongest person for the job. Here, we will discuss the top five reasons why a temp agency like Advance Staffing Solutions in Detroit MI can boost the candidate search for your company.

Try Employees Prior to Hiring Them

One of the most popular reasons for working with a temp agency for companies is that you can try the employees out before hiring them. This means that you can bring them into your office for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and then make a hiring decision — whether you end their assignment or extend an offer for a full-time position. They are considered temporary employees until you make an offer of full-time employment. This is an excellent way to determine if they will fit within your corporate culture.

Increase Productivity of the Office

When your company works with a temp agency, it makes productivity at the office increase. By hiring temporary workers, you can take some of the load off your full-time workers. This will prevent them from suffering burnout while on the job. Employees’ schedules can become overloaded with projects; when this happens, it is best to consult a temp agency so you can bring in a couple of temp workers to lighten the load of the full-time staff.

Avoid Unemployment Claims from Employees

When you hire temporary workers from an agency, you will be able to avoid unemployment claims when their time on the job comes to an end. Temporary workers are employees of the temp agency, so when they are let go from their jobs with a company, the company does not have to file unemployment claims. This will help keep the unemployment rate of the company at the same levels it was prior to hiring the temp workers.

Reduce Operating Costs

Working with a temp agency can help a company reduce its operating costs. This happens because the temporary workers do not have to be provided benefits or health coverage by the company using them since they are employees of the temp agency. The company will also be able to save money on overtime for full-time employees when temp workers are hired. The more temp workers you have in your office, the less overtime regular employees will need to work during the week.

Flexibility is Important

One of the most popular benefits of a company working with a temp agency is that it offers the company flexibility with their staff. Companies can bring in temp workers when large projects come in and can let them go when all the work is complete. This can be done during busy seasons for companies or every other week, it all depends on the needs of the company.

Working with a temp agency can benefit a company in multiple ways, especially the five outlined in this post. If you want to learn more about how your company can benefit from temporary employees, contact the staffing experts at Advance Staffing Solutions today.




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