Why Offering Flexible Hours Promotes Productivity, Happiness, and Loyalty among Workers

Companies are beginning to offer their employees flexible work hours these days in an effort to promote loyalty, happiness and productivity in their workforce. Employees want to have a strong balance between their work life and their personal life so that they can have time to relax and enjoy their family and friends. Learn more about this trend as we discuss the reasons why employees are productive, happy and loyal when offered flexible working hours at their place of employment.

Boost to Productivity

When employees are offered flexible work hours, their productivity will tend to soar. The reason for this is that they do not have to work the mundane nine-to-five hours. Instead, they will be able to work hours in which they are most productive. For example, if an employee is highly productive from 7am-3pm, the company should let him work during these hours. If the employee is highly productive from 10am-7pm, consider allowing her to work during this time.

More Happiness

Companies that offer flexible working hours for their employees will see happiness within the workforce hit an all-time high. When employees can work the schedule that best fits their lifestyle, then they will be happy when they come to work each day. This allows the employee the chance to live their lives, take care of their children, enjoy time with friends and much more. No one wants to be stuck in an office from 9am-7pm each day. Flexible working hours make this a thing of the past. Companies that offer flexible work hours are telling their employees that they value their time, which will make the employees work harder and show appreciation when on the job.

Greater Loyalty

One of the most important benefits of offering flexible working hours to employees is that they will tend to be more loyal to the company. When you have a happy workforce, you will have a loyal one. You must remember that loyalty is a two-way street. The more loyal you are to employees, the more loyal they will be to your company. Employees become loyal when their work and personal lives are balanced and they have a happy workplace to go to each day.

Other Benefits of Flexible Work Hours

There are additional benefits of offering flexible work hours to employees, and they include a reduction in absenteeism and less stress for employees. Companies that offer flexible work hours tend to see their absenteeism rates decline because employees have time in their day to complete personal tasks outside of the office without needing to take a day off from work. The stress levels of employees will also drop with a flexible work schedule because they do not have to constantly worry about how they are going to get everything done on their to-do list.

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