Keep Employee Retention Up in the Fall

Employee retention is one of the main goals of a company each year, especially if the company deals with high turnover rates. There can be varying reasons why companies experience high turnover rates, but many of them are not positive reasons. As human resource departments continue the fight to keep the best employees, we have some tips for you to use this fall in this post:

Provide Employees with Ownership

Employees want to be given ownership of the work they perform. They also do not like to be micromanaged often. Employees want to be able to solve problems how they deem fit and want to be able to express their individuality while at work. Providing employees with ownership can be done by allowing them the chance to pick the paint colors for a new office or by sharing the most intimate details about the company’s finances with them at quarterly meetings.

Provide and Request Regular Feedback

Another excellent way to retain employees is by offering and requesting feedback on a regular basis. This shows employees that their work and their input are valued by the company. Make sure you use the feedback provided by the employees so they know their suggestions are not falling on deaf ears. When you offer feedback to employees, make sure it is not empty feedback. Tailor the feedback to each individual employee so they know that their work is truly being reviewed by the organization.

Form a Committee to Investigate Culture

If you are still having trouble retaining employees, then your company should consider forming a committee that investigates and works to improve the culture of the office. The culture committee should not be very corporate, but instead, it should be one that caters to the employees and tries to find new and innovative ways to make them happy while on the job. The committee should make recommendations about employee retention ideas, possible family activities and other events.

Hold ‘Stay’ Interviews

Almost every company in operation today conducts exit interviews with each and every employee who leaves the organization. Instead of waiting for employees to leave to find out why they are doing so, begin having interviews with the employees who have the most tenure at the company. During these interviews, find out why they have stayed so long. This will help you make improvements in the future in an effort to keep other employees at the office.

Let Employees Express Themselves

As you continue to work on retaining employees, it is imperative to let your employees express themselves at the office. Let them be open and honest about the job, the projects on which they are working, what they feel needs to be changed at the company and much more. You might not like what you hear from the employees, but it could help to change the way things are done.

Retaining the best employees at a company in Detroit is never an easy job, but companies need to find new ways to do so in today’s competitive market. If your company utilizes even just one of the tips from this post, it should have success with keeping employees around for the long haul. Talk with the experts at Advance Staffing Solutions about Detroit Staffing Retention methods that can help keep your workforce strong and productive.




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