Gearing Up For Winter Safety Regulations

As the seasons move rapidly into the winter months, conditions can become treacherous around Michigan and other Northern Central states. This means that companies across the country, no matter where they are located, should be preparing their employees for winter safety regulations. Your employees need to be put in a safe situation no matter the circumstances, but this is very important when the winter weather delivers its brutal punch on the country.

Review Insurance Coverage

One of the first things your company needs to do is to review its insurance coverage. You can do this by speaking with your company’s insurance agent in order to find out what the policy covers, how the employees are covered and what property you can afford to lose should the winter weather wreak havoc on your business.

Determine Largest Risk Potential

The next step your company must take is determining the largest risk potential that will be present when the winter weather hits hard. This includes the loss of heat at the office, loss of access to the property due to heavy snow or ice and water damage due to broken pipes. Take a look at the property where you do business and determine if any changes can be made prior to the winter season to prevent the risk of losing time or money to storms.

Determine Cost of Business Interruptions

Another important thing you must do prior to the winter months is calculate the cost of a possible interruption to your business. This can last one day, one week, three weeks, one month, six months or even a year or more. As the winter months move closer, your business should be calculating this major possibility, especially if you live in an area prone to major winter weather events. Your company should also consider building a cash reserve that will help it operate following a winter weather event that potentially shuts it down for a prolonged period.

Implement Telework Policies

In order to keep customers or clients satisfied should access be limited to your property, it is a good idea to create a telework policy for your employees. Not all of your employees will live close to the business, so they might have trouble reporting to work. If this is the case, or the business cannot open following a storm, let your employees know that they can work remotely. Make sure this plan is in place months in advance of the winter season so it does not have to be implemented on the fly.

Create a Crisis Communication Plan

A crisis communication plan is something that every business should have in place throughout the year, not just for the winter months. This helps employees, staff members, management, clients, partners and customers know what is happening at the office and what can be expected following a crisis.





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