Have You Created an Online Resume Yet?

Technology advances in the way recruiters find candidates means that the most successful job searches include the use of an online resume. This type of resume is not much different from your paper resume, but it can make a big difference when it comes to getting noticed by potential employers. You will want to do everything possible, and ethical, to put yourself in the driver’s seat of a job search. Using an online resume is one of those things you need to be using right now.

Here’s how to make sure your online resume accomplishes the goals you have in your career.

Digital Presence is Important

Even though paper is not dead yet, having a digital presence is important in today’s high-tech world. As you continue to build a digital presence, and one that shows you in a positive light, a resume should be added somewhere down the line. Having a digital presence today is vital during a job search because it allows employers the opportunity to track where you have been as an employee and verify what is listed on your resume in a reasonable amount of time.

Online Resumes are Always With You

One of the biggest advantages of having an online resume is the fact that it is always with you, in the form of a URL or a digital document saved on your personal cloud. This is important because no matter where you are, you will be able to send a resume to a potential employer. You might be running errands when you bump into a former co-worker who has taken a management position at a different company. He or she might have a job available in their department. You will be able to send your resume to that former co-worker within seconds when you have one online.

Online Resume Must be Printable

Even though you are leaning more towards using only online resumes for a job search, you need to make sure they are printable. So, even though you can do a bunch of cool things with an online resume, it should still be printable if a company wishes to do so. This means that it should still be no longer than two pages in length and should not have any weird graphics that might not translate well when printed. Use a resume template that is left to right aligned, which will make it easier to upload to online systems too.

Online Resume Must be Tailored to Each Employer

As with a paper resume, an online resume must also be tailored to each individual employer. It does not matter if you are applying to the exact same job at three different companies, the online resume you submit for each one should be tailored to each individual company. This will show the companies that you took time to create the resume and are truly committed to finding a new job.

Online resumes are becoming more and more popular these days as companies move away from requesting hardcopies. Make sure your online resume is ready for action even if you are employed. You never know when opportunity will strike and it will need to be submitted.




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