Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Kick Start a Job Search

You might not realize it, but the winter season is one of the best during the year to kick start your job search. Whether you are currently employed, preparing to graduate in the spring, or are unemployed and looking for work; the winter months can prove to be very effective for finding new employment. Many people back down from a job search during the dreary, cold days of winter and wait for the temperatures to rise. You should take advantage of this and move to the top of the candidate list for open jobs.

Here are some ways to give your job search a head start during the winter months:

Update Your Resume and Cover Letter

A big reason why your job search has stalled could be the shape of your resume and cover letter. If these items are in bad condition, then you will likely struggle with finding a new job. Use the winter months to supercharge your resume and cover letter. Review these documents with a fine-tooth comb and even ask a trusted friend or family member to do the same. The more eyes on them, the better.

You need to have a resume that grabs attention because it might be the only form of communication you have with a potential employer. You also need to tailor each cover letter to the company that is hiring. This makes the application more personal and will get you noticed over some other candidates.

Improve Your LinkedIn Page

Take some time out of your winter activities of shoveling snow and throwing rock salt to revamp your LinkedIn page. This is a vital part of the job search process and should even be done multiple times per year. You need to make sure that your recent work history is up-to-date on your profile page and that you have some recommendations on there from your connections. Those recommendations should come from former supervisors, mentors or co-workers. Also, use LinkedIn as part of your job search. Thousands of companies across the country are posting their open jobs on the site so be sure to spend time each day browsing the new openings posted.

Take the Initiative

As the winter months begin to settle in, do not hunker down and give up on your job search. Instead, take the initiative and submit your resume and job application for open positions in-person at the companies looking to hire new employees. Do not do this on days when a major winter storm is bearing down on the region. Instead, pick a day or two where the weather is clear so you will not be impeded. Companies who see you do this will be sure to put your resume at the top of the pile. Take on temporary jobs in Ohio or Michigan while you are seeking your perfect career.

The bottom line here is that the winter months can actually be the perfect time for kick starting a job search. Just make sure that you make smart decisions and do not risk life and limb to find a job when the snow and ice are falling.




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