What Candidates are Looking for in 2015

What Candidates are Looking for in 2015


Candidates routinely change what it is they are looking for when applying for jobs. Whether it has to do with the work environment, the culture of the company, or the benefits offered, companies need to be up-to-date when it comes to the wants of job candidates. With 2015 in full gear, we will discuss the top items candidates are looking for this year from employers.

Positive Culture

The most important thing candidates want in 2015 is a positive culture. When companies have negative cultures, it makes for a difficult work environment for everyone. Employees will not get along, management will struggle with keeping employees motivated and many employees will have a high rate of callouts on their schedule. The more positive your culture, the easier it will be to attract the top candidates within your industry.

Strong Work-Life Balance

Candidates also want a strong work-life balance in 2015. This means that they will have time to finish their work at the office and then enjoy time with family and friends outside of the office. Candidates do not want to work 40 hours in an office and then go home and sit in front of their computer or take part in conference calls. They want to leave work at the office and enjoy their time off as much as possible.

Honesty from Employers

In 2015, honesty from employers will be a hot topic. Candidates want employers to be straightforward when it comes to what it is like to work at the company, what will be expected of them, and what the hiring process will be like. The more honesty from employers, the easier it will be to attract top talent within your industry.

Easy Application Process

Job seekers do not want to spend 30 minutes or more applying for jobs at your company. They want the easiest application process you can provide. They want it to take 20 minutes or less so they can move on to another job application or return to their regular daily routine. Applications with a host of questions, multiple document upload sections and open-ended responses are a thing of the past. Make the application process easy and ask all those questions during the interview sessions.

Regular Updates

Job candidates want to be updated as often as possible by employers during the job search process. If candidates have been brought in for an interview, they will want to hear from the company at least one week later to be updated on the process. Whether the candidate has been eliminated from competition or has been chosen for a second interview, they will want to know what is happening.

Companies need to use the New Year to change how they deal with candidates who are looking for a new job. Take into account the items mentioned in this post the next time you deal with job candidates.








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