Bickering Co-Workers? Here’s What Employers Can Do

Bickering Co-Workers Here's What to Do


One of the most difficult situations a manager has to deal with occurs when there are co-workers fighting while on the job. The healthiest of workplaces can be destroyed when two or more co-workers fail to get along. Managers need to find new ways to keep the peace between co-workers and know how to resolve conflicts when they arise.

Don’t let bickering among co-workers turn into a dangerous incident of workplace violence! Use these tips to nip arguments in the bud now.

Meet with the Individuals Involved

The first step in solving the issue is to sit down and meet with the individuals involved in the disagreement as soon as possible. The longer you let the issue fester, the worse the outcome will be for the company. Have a meeting with all those involved and find out what is the root of the issue and how you all can go about solving it. If there is a supervisor who works above you, alert him or her to the problem and the fact that you are working to resolve it so your boss is not taken by surprise if the issue explodes.

Include Human Resources Right Away

Depending on the severity of the issue, you must consider involving human resources as a possible mediator. The representative from the human resources office will be unbiased since he or she works in a separate department. Other reasons to include human resources are to begin the transfer of one employee to another department, to put an employee on probation or to file a written notice for the employees involved.

Give Employees a Chance to Resolve on Their Own

In some instances, the disagreement can be so minor that the employees involved will be able to resolve the issue on their own. If this is the case, encourage the employees involved to sit down with each other and discuss their problems. Let them know that it is in the best interest of the company and the employees to resolve the issue quickly and without getting anyone else involved.

Remove Trouble Employees from Common Assignments

If all else fails, but you do not want to or cannot have employees reassigned to other departments, consider removing them from common assignments or projects. This will make it easier on all those involved who have been arguing and will hopefully return the department to a normal working environment.

Be Open with Employees

An excellent way to deal with fighting co-workers is to always be open with your employees as a manager. The more open and honest you are, the easier it will be for your employees to come to you with any problems they are having with their co-workers. This will help to nip any problems early so they do not grow into a major problem.

Dealing with fighting co-workers as a manager is a difficult process. Have a plan in place to handle such issues when they arise so you can defeat them quickly. Work with Advance Staffing solutions, a Southgate OH Recruitment firm, for ways to reduce bickering between your employees with temp staff who can take some of the pressure off existing employees, and replace those who are constant trouble.








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