Simple and Free Ways to Motivate Your Workforce

Simple and Free Ways to Motivate Your Workforce


Let’s get motivated! You hear this phrase among a lot of work teams, but it can mean different things to different people. From an HR perspective, finding ways to motivate and inspire employees often affects the company’s ability to generate revenues. Therefore, it’s critical to find ways to incentivize the workplace so that employees are continually working at their highest capacity and staying motivated on the job.


The good news is that there are some simple and even free ways to motivate even the toughest workforce. Read on to learn more.


It goes without saying, thanks that is


Too often, employee efforts go unseen and unrecognized in the workplace. How about motivating employees by saying “thanks” for a job well done? This simple tip can help transform grumbling employees into highly engaged and happy ones. Teach your management team to offer thanks as often as possible and share this in a public way so that all employees understand their value to the company.


Make the workplace fun


Going to work daily doesn’t have to be dull or impressive. In fact, any company can change the workplace into a fun and inviting environment where employees can feel inspired. Remove cubicle jungles and replace them with open collaborate workspaces. Replace stuffy meeting rooms with open conversational areas with comfortable chairs and great lighting. Institute a more casual dress code (if possible). Take the time to celebrate achievements more and focus on the positive.


Offer performance-based incentives


Take the stress out of annual reviews that make employees nervous and instead set up progressive salary increases and incentives that are doled out year-round for employees who demonstrate a commitment to excellence. Get rid of the status quo and get your managers out on the floor observing and recognizing employees with regular bonuses, gift cards, and cash incentives based on their performance — not popularity.


Give employees the chance to learn


One of the ways to create a stronger workforce is to develop a learning program that enables everyone to boost their knowledge and skills. Make sure you have a mentoring program in place to transfer information from one generation to another. Create a variety of learning programs to inspire everyone who works for you to be their best, rewarding for participation with certificates of achievement and incremental salary increases for those who complete them.

As you begin adding these cheap and free incentives to your workplace, you will start to see a boost in employee morale, team building and better performance over time. Keep adding to these campaigns and make sure your people know how much they mean to your organization with regular celebrations and recognition efforts.








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