Are You Fishing in the Right Candidate Pool?

Are You Fishing in the Right Candidate Pool


With the spring season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to throw the fishing metaphors into the fray. When it comes to searching for potential employees, companies must fish in the right candidate pool if they want to be successful with new hires. Here, we will discuss the best places to find the right candidates when jobs become available at your company.

Offer Value to Communities

Companies need to not only join industry communities, but should also provide valuable information for others. This is especially true on LinkedIn and other networking resources. Groups on LinkedIn are an excellent place for candidates and companies to mingle within the same industry. Companies cannot use the communities simply to post open jobs and then disappear. The companies need to provide content and discussion that impresses candidates and motivates them to apply for jobs.

Use Social Media Wisely

Companies must also use social media, but not in a fleeting way. Get involved in Twitter chats, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or forums. Also, browse blogs within your company’s industry and see if you can provide a guest post or create a member account to enter the discussion at the end of a post or article. Create a positive culture around your company to lure great candidates to your company, and also take advantage of the already active social networks of a well-known staffing company like Advance Staffing Solutions.

Get More Employee Referrals

When companies utilize an employee referral system they are fishing in the right candidate pool. The reason for this is that employees will not put their necks on the line for just anyone because their reputation is at stake each time. Even though employees will be rewarded for successful referrals, it does not mean they will take advantage of the system.

Target Skilled Tech Candidates

Candidates who know technology make some of the best employees today. Technology is such a major part of our lives, and jobs, that it can no longer be overlooked, no matter the type of job your company has available. A pool of candidates with tech experience makes it easier to fill some of your open jobs and that they will be of excellent help to your company’s goals if they remain on the staff for a prolonged period. Work with Advance Staffing Solutions to secure some of the best technical candidates in the Detroit MI area.

Remove Barriers for Passive Candidates

Some of the strongest job candidates are passive candidates because they are already displaying how well they perform their job functions at high levels. A major issue with passive candidates and getting them to look at your job opening is the fact that they are always busy. Your company needs to work around the passive candidate’s schedule in order to fish them out of the pool. This includes offering them a first-round job interview via video. It allows them to schedule it during their free time and they do not have to take time to travel either.

Finding the right pools to fish for candidates can be difficult today for companies, but it can be done if the tips outlined in this post are put in place.








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