Can You Tell if a Candidate Will be Reliable?

Can You Tell if a Candidate Will be Reliable


As a hiring manager, much  of your responsibility stems from having a large hand in the success of the company and its employees. Hiring managers must perform due diligence prior to making any decisions on who to add to the payroll, which is why they must vet and screen candidates extremely thoroughly. There will be some who slip through the cracks, but the less this happens, the stronger the company will become.

One thing all hiring managers must look for is whether or not candidates will be reliable. Is there a surefire way to predict a candidate’s future success? Let’s talk about ways to evaluate reliability.

Advertise Open Jobs Wisely

It goes without saying that if you advertise open jobs on industry-specific websites, you should have no problem finding reliable candidates. If you post your job ads on random websites and in forums, however, you will likely attract a lot of undesirables to the post. You want to avoid attracting candidates who are simply seeking out any open job. This is a recipe for disaster.

Dig Deep Into Candidates’ Job History

All hiring managers should be looking into the job history of their top candidates. This helps the hiring manager know what type of worker the candidate has been in the past, which is an indicator of how they will operate in the future. Take a look at how long the candidate remained at previous jobs. Did they jump around often or did they stay for at least two years? If the answer is the latter, you should have a reliable candidate on your hands.

Choose the Right Interview Questions

Just because you bring a candidate in for an interview, it does not mean you must offer the job to them. The same can be said if you bring a candidate in for a second- or third-round of interviews. The interview is the best time to determine if the candidate will be reliable or not, but you must choose the right questions to ask. Ask the candidate where he sees himself in the next five or 10 years. Ask the candidate why they want this job. Also, have them tell you what their view is of an ideal work situation. You should be able to garner their reliability based on the answers to these questions.

Use a Staffing Agency

Another great way to tell if a candidate will be reliable is to work with a staffing agency to fill your open jobs. The staffing agency will have a pool of candidates who have already been screened and can do all of the legwork for you in the hiring process. When you work with a staffing firm, you are more likely to secure a top-notch candidate who will be reliable because of the extensive screening performed by the firm.

Determining the reliability of a candidate prior to offering employment can be difficult, but it does not have to be impossible if you follow the tips discussed here today. Contact Advance Staffing Solutions today if you have more questions on gauging employee reliability.







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