Simple Ways to Promote Employee Loyalty and Motivation

As an HR manager, it is part of your job to promote loyalty and motivation within the workplace. These are two items that are needed in order to keep employees engaged so they can be productive. If you want to prevent employees from leaving for greener pastures, then make sure that loyalty and motivation are on the top of your to-do list.

Here, we will discuss how you can promote these two aspects so employees don’t start looking for a new job.

Improve Hiring Practices

The easiest answer to promoting loyalty and motivation among employees is to improve hiring practices. This is easier said than done for most companies, because it is nearly impossible to avoid making bad hires. No matter how intricate and in-depth your screening process is, every now and then a bad candidate will slip through the cracks and wind up receiving an offer of employment. Always keep in mind that happy employees will be less likely to search for work elsewhere.

Offer Strong Benefits Package

Not every company will offer employees a strong benefits package. This is a major reason why employees are unhappy with their job and tend to find work elsewhere. Your company needs to offer a strong benefits package in order to keep employees happy and loyal to your company. The package should include health insurance, a 401(k) plan, vision, dental and other perks. Paid time off, sick days and bonuses can also be lumped into this section because they are all benefits to some extent.

Access to Ongoing Training

Companies that offer their employees different types of training will find that their employees are loyal and motivated to succeed. Employees want to learn new skills and further their careers as much as possible. Training can either be offered in the office or at an off-site location. Some companies even help their employees pay for college classes if they choose to go back to school for an advanced degree.

Reward Strong Performances

If your company is in dire need of loyalty and motivation from employees, consider rewarding strong performances. This can be done by installing a rewards program that sends out gifts to employees once per quarter, or you can pick and choose when to reward employees for a job well done. Rewards can include extra paid time off, gift cards to local businesses, tickets to sporting events or concerts and even a plaque or an assigned parking spot.

Competitive Compensation

Even though it is the most important part of keeping employees happy, we still need to mention that your company must provide employees with a competitive salary and benefits. If employees working the same jobs are being paid more at another company, you will likely need to fill those jobs quite often due to high turnover.

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It is not difficult to keep employees loyal and motivated in today’s workplace. So long as you offer workers one or more of the items discussed in this post, you should see an increase in loyalty and a drop in turnover rate.




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