Is Following Your Heart Actually Rotten Career Advice?

Nearly everyone has heard someone say to them in the past,”Oh, just follow your heart”, when it comes to choosing a vocation. But, is this really rotten career advice? Maybe this was great advice when you were in Kindergarten and could imagine yourself being anything you wanted – like a fireman or a doctor or a teacher. In the real world of adulthood, it can be a good thing to know where your passions are and how they can tie into a solid career path.

Learn when to follow your heart and when to think with your head in a career.

Career Issue: Your company has not offered you any real career advancement in years and you feel “stuck”.

In this case, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking with your heart that tells you to run screaming out of the building. But, wait! Stop and think about how you can turn your career around and start asking for what you want. Schedule a meeting with your manager to talk about how you can grow in your career through advanced learning, opportunities to take on new responsibilities, and new projects that will honor your skills and interests.

Career Issue: Your co-workers are a bunch of backstabbers and the job is causing you stress most of the time.

You could follow your heart and “go off” on your co-workers concerning their behaviors. This would bring temporary satisfaction, but it would not solve the problem. Instead, you could face even more problems with getting along with peers and you could even lose your job. Think with your head and find a way to bridge any communication gaps with your peers, but be careful to keep things professional while protecting yourself.

Career Issue: You dread going to work on most days and you feel “lost”.

This is typical of someone who either isn’t in the right career or is not honoring his or her true talents. If the very thought of heading to work makes you cringe, then it’s time to try something new. In this case, you will be combining your heart-thoughts with reasonable career options. Take the time to work with a career coach or a staffing agent to help you identify your strengths and skills that match up with certain types of careers. Try taking on a new career as a temporary employee before you commit to a career path.

Career Issue: You are not earning as much as other coworkers and new hires.

Salary can be a real issue for many who have been in a job for a long time, or who may not have a degree or experience in an area where earnings can be better. If you are not earning what you’d like or if you find out you are being underpaid as compared to co-workers, it could be time to move on. Follow your heart, but use your head and look for careers that pay better. Get the training and experience through local programs and temp job assignments.

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