Overqualified for a Job? Here’s Why You Should Apply, Anyway!

Even though many companies tend to stay away from hiring overqualified candidates, it still doesn’t mean you should not throw your name into the hat. Being overqualified for a job does not rule you out entirely, which is why you should still apply for the jobs you find. Below, we will discuss why you should apply for jobs for which you think you are overqualified.

Find a Personal Referral

If at all possible, find a personal referral within the company if you are overqualified for a job. The personal referral should be someone you worked with or for in the past who can vouch for your track record and work ethic. A personal referral can go a long way in any job search, but it can be very important when trying to land a job for which you are overqualified. The referral will be able to speak to how dedicated you will be to the company despite working a job you have done in the past.

Apply Because You Need a Job

One reason why you should still apply for a job for which you are overqualified is because you need a job. Maybe you have been unemployed for six months and desperately need to find work. Even if you have come across a job that you hold too many qualifications for, send in your resume anyway. You never know what direction the company wants to go in, so you really have nothing to lose.

Apply Because You Aren’t Worried about Promotions

Are you at the point in your career where climbing the corporate ladder has become an afterthought? Are you a veteran of the workforce? If so, working a job for which you are overqualified might be the right step to take in your career right now. Maybe you want to work your final year or two prior to retirement in a job that makes you feel comfortable because you have done it in the past. If so, send in your resume the next chance you get.

Apply Because You Thrive in These Situations

If you are the type of worker who thrives in situations such as these, send in your resume for the job. You might have to take a cut in pay, and answer to people whom you normally would be in charge of, but you are the type of person who can handle all of this. It’s possible that this job will lead to bigger and better things in the future too.

Apply to Gain Valuable Career Experience

You might not be a veteran of the workforce, but you could still be overqualified for a job. Because of this, you should apply simply to gain interview experience. There is nothing wrong with going on a ton of job interviews because the more you go on, the more experienced you will become in answering tough questions and explaining your career history. You will also learn a few new things on the job, which can be leveraged for something better.
Being overqualified for a job does not have to hinder your search for employment. Based on the reasons outlined here, you should submit your resume for jobs and take a chance even if you are overqualified.




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