Massive Mistakes to Avoid While Job Seeking

Massive Mistakes to Avoid While Job Seeking


No matter how much of a “veteran” you are of the job market, a job search can still be filled with worries. Not only are you fighting possibly hundreds of people for the same job, but you could also be fighting against yourself. Those who make mistakes while searching for a job will find it difficult to land an offer. Today, we will discuss massive mistakes you should avoid while job seeking so you can be successful.

Providing Too Much Information Too Soon

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a job search is to provide too much information. No matter how long you have been in the professional world, you do not need to provide every single detail to potential employers. This goes for writing your resume, your cover letter and answering questions on job applications. Employers want to know what you can do to help their company, so focus on how you helped previous employers when providing information. You need to make sure each piece of information on your resume tells employers why you are the right person for the job.

Failing to Have a Digital Footprint

Even though it has been discussed in the past that a digital footprint can be detrimental to your job search, because of what is included in it, it is still important to have one. You need to have a digital footprint, which includes Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You should also search for your name online to find out what is posted about you on the Internet. You might come across content posted by you that is unsavory or content posted by others that is unsavory. Failing to clean up your social media profiles is also a massive mistake that can hurt your job search.

Treating a Job Search as a Battle

Another major mistake you need to avoid during a job search is treating it like a battle. How do people do this? They turn a job search into a battle by trying to outsmart recruiters or hiring managers during interviews or other discussions. Even though it might be a fight to find a job, you do not want to battle with a recruiter. A recruiter is someone who is looking out for you and trying to get you placed in a job that matches your skills and experience. This means you need an open mind to accept part-time and temporary assignments, if needed to get your foot in the door with a great company.

Failing to Request Help from Networks

Professional networking is very important today, so why would you fail to request help from your network when searching for a job? This is a massive mistake that must be avoided at all costs. Your network is there for a reason; to expand your professional knowledge and help you with career moves. Remember, your network also includes the temporary staffing agency that you choose to work with. Select one that is geared for your industry and ask for a recruiter who knows about the companies you are targeting in your job search.

If you avoid making at least some of the massive mistakes outlined above, you should have fewer troubles with your next job search.






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