Unemployed? Job Seeking? Here’s What You Need to Know



Finding a job when currently employed is one thing; finding a job when unemployed is an entirely different experience. Studies have shown that it can be harder to find a job when unemployed, because some hiring managers view this as a negative mark for a candidate. An employed candidate is somehow more favorable than someone between jobs? It doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

Fortunately, these attitudes are changing. Today, hiring managers understand that sometimes people face periods of unemployment through no fault of their own. If you are currently in this predicament, take heart – there are some ways to make the most of this time in your career.

1. Don’t sit around waiting for a job offer – get out there and grab one!

As an unemployed person, you are actually in a unique position to be the master of your job search. Instead of having to sneak around a job trying to look for work and go to interviews, you can dedicate all your time to finding a great new job. Get up early every day and treat it like a job, searching for work, going to job fairs, volunteering in the community, heading to your local temporary staffing agency, and connecting with recruiters on social media accounts.

2. Good news – you can start working immediately.

The positive side of being unemployed while looking for a new job is that you can start immediately if an employer calls you up. Make sure to emphasize this at all interviews and when talking with the recruiters at your temporary agency. Check in frequently, and be sure to accept part-time and even one-day assignments while you look for something better.

3. Take on a temporary assignment in the meantime to stay active.

The best thing you can do for your career and spirits is to stay active in your career by taking on temporary assignments. Be open to trying assignments that may be somewhat outside your normal types of work tasks. Stay in good terms with local companies by accepting assignments, being punctual and professional at all times.

4. Make sure to get the support and guidance for your career.

Being unemployed, even for short periods of time, can be hard on the psyche. This means you will want to stay connected to others by attending unemployment benefit meetings, support groups, and remaining a part of the world. If you have a circle of friends and family around you, rooting you on, you will be better able to face the daily aspects of finding a job with a good outlook.

5. Try learning some new marketable skills or head back to school.

The other advantage you have as an unemployed job seeker is that now have the time to learn new marketable skills or to finally head back to school to earn that degree you’ve always dreamed of. Take careful inventory of the skills you have now, what’s lacking, and if training can close the gap so you can become more valuable in the workforce. Many states have workforce development programs that can include financial support for earning a certificate or degree in a certain industry that’s in need of skilled labor.

Use the above steps to launch your new career in a positive way. Do not despair. A new job is just around the corner.






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