3 Signs You’ve Got the Wrong Career

3 Signs You've Got the Wrong Career

Do you often dread going into work on Monday mornings? Do you find yourself looking at the clock waiting to go home? Does the very thought of completing the same dull tasks or dealing with the same people bore you? These are some of the many signs that you could be in the wrong career. When you are not working to your full capacity in a job that you love, or one where you can use all your talents, it’s very draining. It could be time for you to move on and find a career that will inspire you again.

Here are the top 3 big signs that you’ve got the wrong career

Learn what the signs are that you need a new job, and fast! Here they are:

1. Your workload is out of control

When a job no longer appeals to a person, they tend to procrastinate a lot about job duties. Time management becomes a thing of the past. Project deadlines go by without as so much as a wink. The workload is so out of control that you no longer care if anything gets done. You are just going through the motions.

2. You are not part of the team anymore

When people are happy in their jobs, they are excited to be part of something bigger – like team collaboration. But, when someone is burnt out and tired of their career, they tend to withdraw from others. If you dint yourself in this situation, it’s time to evaluate if a career change is in your future soon.

3. You haven’t had a promotion or raise in a long time

Another reason you may be falling behind in your career and growing weary of it because you are not getting the raises or promotions you once did. This can either be a lack of performance on your behalf, or it could be that the company no longer values your skills so they don’t give you what you need. It’s time to move onto a job that will provide you with more upward mobility and respect.

If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, there are some things you can do now. First, take an inventory of your current work skills, your interests, and the achievements you have made. Then, take the time to take a career personality assessment to discover the types of careers you may be better suited for. Following, brush up your resume, focus on getting some training in your area of interest, and find a new job. A temporary job can provide a chance to see if you really need a career change because you can try before you buy.







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