How to Be Anything But Average in Your Career

How to Be Anything But Average in Your Career

Let’s face it – nobody really wants to be “average” at anything, much less a career. This is the place where one doesn’t get noticed, doesn’t get promoted, and certainly doesn’t earn the kind of money that’s desired. Why be average when you can be spectacular? Read on for some tips on how to be anything but ho-hum in your career.

Build a strong career brand

Every individual has something special that can help them to stand out from others in a career. Take the time to evaluate your unique background, knowledge, and interests. Then leverage these factors to create a new career brand. You can develop this brand by establishing a personal blog and social networks to share your expertise. In everything that you do at work and in your career, be mindful of the personal and professional brand you are developing.

Get some extra training

Elevate your present skills by tapping into free and low cost learning opportunities that are out there. And there are many. From Udemy classes to community education sessions held at local colleges, there are many ways to learn new skills that can take your career from boring to brilliant. Make sure to let your boss know you are interested in learning more in case the company also has some employee training opportunities available.

Be known as the go-to expert

To stand out as a professional in any industry, work hard to be known as an expert in some area that’s valued by your employer. Learning new things has a lot to do with this, but also a commitment to excellence in your work. For example, you could be known for being a stickler for details and everyone will come to you to review their documents before they are published. Try learning some new tricks to make your work better or more efficient. Share new ideas and ask for time to prove they are better for the company.

Take on something new

You don’t have to stay in an average career for long, if you do at least one thing right – ask for something new in your job. That’s right. Stop waiting around for a promotion and go after it by taking on new responsibilities and trying new projects. Your boss will be impressed by your willingness to advance in your career, you will be seen as a leader by your peers, and your skills will continue to grow. You can leverage this to take on a better job in the future.

Your career is only going to be as thrilling as you choose it to be. Step outside of mediocrity and into a career that offers personal and professional reward.







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