When is the Right Time to Start Planning Your Hiring?

When is the Right Time to Start Planning Your Hiring

Running a company is incredibly difficult, and one of the most important parts of it is hiring new employees. Many companies tend to wonder when the right time is for planning the next round of hiring. The simple answer is … now! Companies need to put together their hiring plans as soon as possible in order to prepare for unexpected staffing needs. The sooner you have the plan created, the easier it will be to implement the plan when the times comes. Below, we will discuss when the right time is and how to create that plan.


Look at the Present Workforce


When you begin to put together a hiring plan, take a long look at your present workforce. There is nothing written in stone that you need to find a new employee from outside the organization. In fact, there might be some diamonds in the rough within your current workforce. Give a current employee a chance to improve their skills by promoting them to an open position that you might otherwise fill from outside the company. Invest in the job satisfaction of your current employees in order to put together a plan that helps you find future employees based on collaboration.


Develop a Plan That Meets Two Needs


Your hiring plan must meet two different needs for your company. Those two needs are staffing for the present and staffing for how you see your company growing in the future. When you have a hiring plan in place, you make it easier to deal with the risks and costs of hiring part-time, full-time, permanent, temporary or temp-to-hire employees. Your hiring plan will be able to ensure that hiring is consistent across all of the departments within the company. The plan needs to have a process for hiring in the present and in the future when you need to expand.


Perform an Analysis of Jobs at Your Company


An important part of putting together a hiring plan is to perform an analysis of the jobs at your company right now. Even though a job might open up, does it need to be filled immediately? Take a look at how it might fit into your company’s plans in the near future. How did the job fit into the company’s plans in the past? Was the job more effective in the past? Will it be more effective if it is altered in the future? Take a long, hard look at all of the jobs at your company and analyze them when putting together a hiring plan.

The definitive answer to the question posed in the title of this article is that now is the right time to start planning your hiring. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to find new talent.








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