It’s Easy to Land a Job — Just Do Something Different!



In any career, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Performing the same tasks and taking on the same types of projects can be a safe place. But, if you are searching for a new job, you will quickly find out that what counts is your ability to stand out from other candidates. How do you do this? By being different!

Ways to Be Different and Stand out as a Candidate

You don’t have to do anything crazy to stand out as a candidate. Instead, you want to find something that you feel comfortable with and can use to shine. Use these tips to get started.

Create some buzz around YOU

Before you even apply for the job you want, you need to develop a buzz around yourself, essentially creating a brand presence for your career. Make it a point to develop a blog and share your best creative and written works. Develop a group online and stand out as a thought leader in your industry. Get involved with a cause you care about.

Network with the right people

Getting in front of the best hiring companies is all about meeting with and networking with influencers. You can do much for your career by using social networks and local networking groups to meet new people in your areas of interest. LinkedIn can be a powerful place for joining groups for your industry and connecting with people. Be sure to connect with the hiring managers at the companies you want to target.

Use an outstanding cover letter and resume

Most job seekers send a very bland resume and many others forget to use a written cover letter. Worse yet, they may send a form letter. Instead, do something different and create an interesting and attention-grabbing cover letter and resume that hiring managers will enjoy getting. Start with a great template, and then create your opening statement. Use a fun fact about yourself, list your best skills, and wrap up the cover letter with a call to action including your phone number where you can be called. Match your resume to your cover letter in the template, tone and style.

Follow up the smart way

Do you know how to effectively follow up with hiring managers, in a different way? Instead of sending a boring email or picking up the phone, why not send a nice thank you card to the hiring manager? This is more personal and it’s amazing how many candidates forget to do this simple thing. It will help you to stand out as a professional and your card may trigger a call to come back in for a second interview, or better yet – a job offer.

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