Making Temporary Employees Feel Welcome in Your Workplace



Why do many temporary employees feel awkward and unwanted on the job? Temporary employees generally don’t receive the same attention that permanent hires get, because they are here one day, gone the next. Managers and employees view them as, well, temporary — so no one takes the time to welcome them to the company. Many temps arrive on their first day and get little more than a second glance from other employees.

The problem with this is that the company is losing out on the productivity and performance that a temporary employee can provide if they are made to feel welcome. Investing in an onboarding process for temps is important to the success of an organization. In fact, a temp could become your next great hire so making a positive impression on them from day-one is good for your business.

Here are some ways to make temp employees feel more welcome and valued in your workplace.

  1. Host a temporary orientation session
    Just because someone may be only working for a short period of time for your organization, it’s not OK to skimp on a formal orientation. On the first day of contract work, greet the temp at the front door, show them around the workplace, introduce them to a few key people, and then guide them to an orientation room. If you can group a few temps together, this is even better. Go over the company background, the temp assignment requirements and any special company rules and guidelines.
  2. Assign a team mentor
    For each temp employee, you should assign a more-seasoned employee who can help support this transition into working for your company. This person will be a mentor and will be training the temp on the basic tasks of the assignment for the first few days. Then the mentor will check the temp’s work, give appropriate feedback, and report the progress to the immediate supervisor. Other employees can help this process too, by providing positive feedback and praise to the temp.
  3. Provide a welcoming work environment
    The work environment has as much to do with the temporary employee’s experience. Create a welcoming area for the temp between or near other friendly employees. Give the temp a clean and clutter-free workstation. Encourage the temp to decorate their work space as they like, to give it a personal touch. Provide a comfortable chair, good lighting, and an ergonomic work surface for completing tasks. Have all technology ready to use, company office supplies handy, and a special handbook waiting on their desk to welcome them to their new job.
  4. Offer the temp a free lunch on the first day
    Temps often feel strange about eating lunch on their first day on the job, so you can lessen their worries by offering a free catered lunch to your new worker. Breaking bread with your temps can also help to make others feel welcomed and comfortable. Make it a point to help the temp feel included in any group lunches or outings from here on out, too.
  5. Check in daily with each temporary employee
    To help the temp employee to feel welcomed and supported, touch base in person or by phone at least once a day near the end of the shift. Over time, decrease this to once a week and as needed. The temporary employee will be glad to report their work, ask questions, and get help if needed. This makes them feel welcomed and part of the company objectives.

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