Are You Missing Out on LinkedIn Endorsements?

Are You Missing Out on LinkedIn Endorsements



LinkedIn has so much to offer its users, especially when it comes to finding jobs. One feature of the social networking site that has become very popular is the ability to endorse connections. Endorsements are something that almost everyone does nowadays on LinkedIn. The point being to “endorse” — or vouch for — a connection’s skill or trait they have listed on their profile, and often, to have them endorse you for yours as well.

Issues with LinkedIn Endorsements

As with every social network, there are some issues with LinkedIn endorsements. For example, many users of the site are encouraged to endorse some lesser skills of their connections instead of skills those connections are actually known for. For instance, let’s say that you are known for your sound editing skills. LinkedIn will likely encourage your connections to endorse you for something along the lines of Microsoft Word or Communication. Because of this, you are not being endorsed for your best skills.

Being able to endorse connections you truly know makes it easier for users to expand their profile, because it gets posted to the profile page when a user offers an endorsement. Many users reciprocate when their receive an endorsement from a connection, which also shows up on their profile.

An issue with this is that many users simply endorse anyone they want if they are connected to them on LinkedIn. This means that the person who filed the endorsement does not really know if the recipient has those skills, or is even somewhat decent when performing those skills.

Use LinkedIn Endorsements

Despite the issues with LinkedIn endorsements, it is still a good idea for you to use them, but at your discretion. Whenever you log into LinkedIn and endorsement suggestions are presented, only approve the ones that are well known to you. Do not endorse connections who you have never met in person or whom you have never worked. This does not help you and you truly cannot speak to their skills.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can circumvent the issue with endorsement suggestions appearing on your login screen. If you truly want to endorse someone you know, go to their profile page. Here you will be able to choose the skill you want to endorse instead of endorsing the skill suggested by LinkedIn.

The next time you log into LinkedIn and are greeted with endorsement suggestions, visit the profile pages of those people and endorse the skills you know that person is truly great at performing.







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