The Secret Key to Employee Development

The Secret Key to Employee Development



Employee development is an important part of a business being successful, and it is also a hot topic right now. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to develop their employees into leaders, so they can promote them to management positions. Having employees who can move up the corporate ladder at the same company is a major goal of companies today. There is a secret key to employee development that can help almost any company solve this problem.

Change the Employee Performance Review

A common way to improve employee development at your company is to change the employee performance review. You do not have to change the review entirely, but it should be edited or altered in a way that the review is not just about evaluating the employee.

Even though most of a performance review involves discussing what the employee did wrong, or needs to improve upon, it also includes discussing what the employee did correctly. During the part of the evaluation where you discuss the positive aspects of the employee’s performance, be sure to talk about how they can develop within your company.

What’s In It for the Employee?

If you are considering changing the employee performance review, you must ask this question: What’s in it for the employee? Based on the job the employee has now, the track they can take within your organization, and how much experience they have, you can now determine the best method of development for the employee.

Tell employees during their review that the company is dedicated to their development and will help them develop in their career. Have a plan ready to discuss, because the employee is going to want to know what’s in it for them. The employee will want to learn something right now that they will be able to keep with them and use the rest of their career.

Find Out What the Employee Wants

Another option you have during the performance review is to find out what the employee wants. Maybe they have been thinking about career development and have an idea, but have not spoken up about it yet. If this is the case, the employee will be able to discuss their development idea with management or HR during the performance review. It is quite possible that the idea the employee has is right in line with the plan the company wants to implement.

In order to better develop your employees, think about changing the performance review to include discussions about development with each employee. Outline goals during the discussion and make sure employees know they are valued.







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