All Resumes Must Answer This One Question

All Resumes Must Answer This One Question

The next time you sit down to write a resume, you need to look at one important question and see if it answers the question. In fact, instead of waiting to write a new resume, edit your current one to make sure it answers the important question discussed here. If you can answer the one question all resumes should answer, it will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd, and this is important in such a tough business world.

Goal of the Resume

The ultimate goal of your resume, no matter which version, is to entice a company to contact you for one of their open jobs. You can put as much work experience and skills as you want on your resume, but these alone will not get a company to contact you about their open job. You must be able to turn all of your work experience and skills learned in previous jobs into the reason why companies call you. You must paint a picture.

The Question That Must be Answered

The question that all resumes must answer is, “What makes you a better candidate than all others who have applied for this job?” As mentioned above, you need to paint a picture in order to answer this question appropriately. The picture you paint must tell the company why you are the best pick for the open job and not someone else.

What Answers This Question?

So, what is it about you that can provide a stellar answer to this question? You need to think past the mundane tasks you perform each day, from the minute you arrive to the minute you leave. You need to think about your biggest career accomplishments, achievements, accolades, articles and awards. When you put all of these items on your resume, in an appropriate manner and location, you should have no problem answering the question and getting a company to contact you about their open job.

Hundreds of people apply for the same open jobs at companies across the country. Because of this, HR managers and recruiters come across mediocre resumes and applicants who are not worth a second look. This means that you will need to work extra hard to get your resume noticed. Make sure you answer this question as thoroughly as possible to get noticed.







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