There’s No Guarantee You’ll Get the Job — But This Will Help!



Have you gone weeks and even months without so much as a response to the hundreds of applications you’ve been submitting to employers? Unfortunately, just as in life, there are no guarantees with getting a job. However, there are some factors that can put you ahead of the game in terms of landing work sooner. The smart job seeker goes after jobs like a savvy marketer, using every opportunity to pitch their worth to the organization. When you approach your job search in this way, it can certainly help you get a job offer. Here’s how to go about it.

Make a strong pitch from the start.

You’ve only got mere seconds from the moment a hiring manager looks at your resume. Take a look at yours. Does it “wow” you? If not, it’s probably not doing a good job impressing any hiring managers either. Take the time to boost the top half of your resume (above the fold) and include power words that speak to your true value. Look at the company website and the job listings for ideas. Use bold headings for your name and contact information, and include a web link to your portfolio.

Get your applications to stand out.

A job application can be a dull and tedious process, but it doesn’t have to land at the bottom of the pile. Use the additional space for comments and other information for writing an outstanding cover letter, sharing more details about your abilities, or inviting the hiring manager to connect with you. This often grabs the attention of the recruitment team faster. You will also want to update your online applications weekly as most applicant tracking systems list people by the date they are active in the system.

Prove to hiring managers you are a good investment.

Your goal as a candidate is to make sure that any hiring managers and recruitment professionals you meet understand and can see your value in a matter of minutes. How can you do this? Take the time to share your skills and how they are relevant to the job, but go a step further. Dig into the corporate goals and find a direct link between your skills and the direction the company is going. Check for any recent press that indicates what the company is focused on.

If you use the above tips, you’ll soon be getting a job offer and being able to prove your worth to the company.







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