How to Turn Renegade Employees into Valuable Team Members



Do you often walk by your work teams and see several people missing, off doing their own things? These are your renegade employees, and while they are very talented, they are somehow disconnected from the rest of the team – and need to be reeled back in. How can you turn renegade employees into valuable team members who can add to the collaboration and innovation to your company?

Invite all employees to share

As a manager, it’s your job to bring your people back together. Invite all to a project kick-off meeting to allow all employees to share what they are currently working on and learn about a new team project. Look at the individual projects and match employees up to collaborate and get them finished more efficiently. Advise employees you will expect them to work together on the new project and have daily touchpoints.

Give all employees rewarding tasks that honor skill sets

Now is the time to make sure the renegade employees don’t get bored and wander off again. Bring them in and ask employees on an individual level what part of the project they’d like to work on. Then ask them to identify the top-three colleagues they are most comfortable working with. Sometimes renegades become annoyed by other employees, or they may self-ostracize because there are personality conflicts. Weed these out now.

Open up the lines of communication

Using the technology available to you, make sure that there is a central team location for sharing updates and information. Include all team members. Open up communication with weekly staff meetings and project touchpoints. Assign a few of the renegade employees as team leaders to head up certain portions of the project, which forces them to stay involved with others.

Bring in additional talent

Augment your current team with some temporary contractors to take the pressure off your employees. Renegades often take on too much and become overwhelmed and frustrated, leading to their isolation. Temps can alleviate some of the stress and take on administrative and tedious tasks so that all employees can focus on the project and the team building activities.







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