Why Resilience Is a Sought-After Job Skill



If you’ve spent a long time searching for a job, you know how important resilience is as a personality trait. Being able to hang in there and bend as things change can also help you in any career you choose. In fact, this is a trait that is often sought after by hiring companies. Learn how demonstrating resilience can support your journey towards a wonderful job and career, and how to develop this trait.

Waiting is just a part of being an adult

Being resilient is a trait that adults develop over time and experience. If you can be patient, wait for the right moment, and bounce back when things don’t go the way you expect, you are most likely a well-adjusted adult. This is a good sign. Be ready to talk about circumstances where you were able to demonstrate resilience on a job.

Resilience is a trait all leaders have

Think about some of the leaders of industry you’ve heard or read about: The one character trait they’ve all had was the ability to be resilient in the face of the impossible. Want some inspiration? Read about Richard Branson, the Founder and CEO of Virgin Airlines, or Henry Ford, the Founder of Ford Motors. They failed over and over again, but eventually they found amazing success.

Employers are looking for loyal employees

Another reason to develop and demonstrate resilience as a work trait is that employers want to hire people for the long term. They invest much in recruitment costs and efforts, therefore if they can keep an employee on board for a while, they’ve earned a nice return on this investment. Resilience shows you have what it takes to stick it out, even when things become a challenge.

Make sure you highlight and explain key examples of times when you have been resilient. And also be prepared to show this on your resume. Being resilient also means keeping up with your job search and treating it like a job, taking on temp assignments, and staying active in the business world.







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