What Will Employers Find When They Compare Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile?



It’s easy to apply for a job using LinkedIn tools, which sends your profile and career data zipping over to employers in a matter of seconds. But, before you do – when is the last time you checked to make sure your resume information matches the information on your LinkedIn profile? What could confuse employers or what do you not want them to see about you?

It’s time to clean up your LinkedIn profile so it says the same thing as your resume.

Your Career History for the Last 10 Years

First, go through all your career information on your LinkedIn account, going back 10 years. Do the job titles, descriptions, and employment dates coordinate? Fix any errors. Remove your career history going back more than 10 years from your LinkedIn profile, to avoid “dating” yourself. Include temp jobs under one agency name.

Your Skills and Product Knowledge

Chances are, you have gotten plenty of LinkedIn endorsements from peers on your profile. Are these skills appearing on your resume too? If not, evaluate the skills and if they are relevant to the types of careers you are going after. Remove them off LinkedIn if they don’t serve you. Or add them to your resume if they add value to your expertise.

The People You Know

Very often, recruitment pros will search through the LinkedIn (and other) social media profiles of candidates to see if they are connected in any way. This can be a positive thing, such as when you are connected d with a few people who work for your target company, or the person you list as a reference is a connection of the hiring manager. Be sure to go through your LinkedIn profile and get connected to people you know at the companies you want to work for.

Education and Training

Maintain consistency between your resume and LinkedIn profile where it pertains to any education and specialized training you have completed. Ensure dates and descriptions of your educational history are correct. If you earned a high GPA, just include this on your LinkedIn profile. If you are currently working on a degree or certificate, make sure you state your estimated graduation date in both places.







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