Waiting to Hear Back from a Recruiter? There May Be a Reason Why…


Imagine a scenario where you are unhappy with your current job, and are contacted by a recruiter who tells you that the company they represent is interested in hiring. They fill your head with a list of job benefits that far outweigh what you are currently receiving, and you naturally say that you are interested in getting involved in the interview process. It may sound like a pipe dream, but this is actually something that happens on a fairly regular basis. It’s all rather exciting, but what do you do when it happens to you and it suddenly seems as though the recruiter has dropped off the face of the earth?

There is always the possibility that you simply didn’t make the cut, or that the needs of the company changed during the interview process.

They may have chosen to go in another direction completely, or they may even have decided that the position that they were trying to fill was not as essential as they had first imagined. It’s also worth noting that it can take as long as six months for the search and interview process to be completed. If you were among the first wave of potential candidates, you could be waiting a long time to hear from the recruiter again.

The job is still up for grabs but is in the negotiation phase for the moment.

Another reason why the recruiter may not have gotten back to you just yet is because they may be in the negotiation phase with another candidate who interviewed first. They will not call and inform you of their decision until that negotiation is complete, as it may end up falling through. If that is what happens, they will either abandon the search, which happens quite often, or they may turn to their second candidate, which may well be you.

While your natural instinct will be to call to find out what is going on to get recruiter updates, this may not be the best approach. Believe it or not, recruiters are very busy people who simply don’t have time to regularly update every person that they contact. When you talk to the recruiter, do all that you can to make a positive impact, as that will make them keep you in mind if this particular opportunity falls through. Most recruiters will eventually call you to make you aware of the final decision made by the company, so just remain patient until that call arrives.







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