What To Do When You’re Suddenly Promoted to Leadership


The vast majority of people out in the workforce take a job that they hope will give them the opportunity to advance. Everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work, and being promoted to leadership is one sure sign that you are doing something right. For some people, that promotion to a leadership role can come at a bit of a cost, as they become concerned about how to lead the people that they were on the same level as the day before. Feelings of guilt can creep in, and it can affect their overall performance. You have to remember that you are there for a good reason, and use that to make the decisions that will make everyone quickly respect you.

The first thing that you have to do is let your team know that you have been given the promotion.

There are sure to be co-workers whom you like better than others, or that you have a better relationship with, but it’s important that you deliver the message to the group at the same time. Telling one or two people and then having the news slowly spread may make it appear as though you are going to play favorites or lay your trust in just one or two people. Call a group meeting and deliver the message to everyone.

Calm the naysayers on your team.

There are going to be some team’s members that are happy for you, but there are also going to be one or two who believe that they should have had the promotion instead of you. The goal is to have everyone on your side, which means you need to take time to talk to each team member individually. Ask them straight out if you can count on their support, and if you sense any sort of reluctance, as what you can do to get them on your side. Helping these people adjust to the change will show that you are a leader who can be trusted.

You don’t want to be viewed as weak right from the start, so don’t treat employees with kid gloves just because you were given the promotion instead of them. Make it crystal clear what is expected from each individual, and then let them know that you are there to support them every step of the way. The more support that you offer, the quicker they are going to get behind you in what you are trying to accomplish in your leadership role.

Finally, encourage your employees as much as you can, but don’t immediately cave in to their requests.

Some employees will feel that they can come to you and let you know what they want because of your previous relationship. By all means, listen to their needs and concerns, but also make it clear that you simply cannot implement every new idea that crosses your desk. Take the time to listen to and consider everything that is put on the table, but only implement those that you believe will benefit the group as a whole.







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