Want to Improve Your Career? Try These Simple, Cheap or Free Classes!



Let’s consider the job profile of a salesperson. As an effective salesperson and one who is very well versed with the product or service being sold, he or she would have some catchphrases and some really convincing arguments. Over time, these would get stale and people will no longer respond positively to the same sales pitch. The respite will be new sales pitches, new methods of convincing and a redefined approach to sales. Unless one is an amazing salesperson, one can only learn of new ways through coaching or professional training.
The same reality applies to everyone. Managers will run out of anecdotes, rhetoric and inspiring stories to motivate their teams if they don’t keep honing their skills and expanding their knowledge base. Technicians will be stuck with old mantras and would not get exposed to new secrets to get things done. These realities make ongoing learning, enhancing skills and knowledge imperative for any and sundry. Only then can anyone improve their career. Doing what you are doing now will only get you to a certain platform. Beyond that, you need to transform and better yourself.

If you wish to improve your career, then you should consider some of these simple but helpful, free or cheap classes.

If you need some tips to develop your career or increase your prospects, then you can use Lynda, which is a course on career development. You can opt for Udemy which helps you to build your personal brand. Muse University can help you to get that ever elusive promotion. Eat Your Career will also offer you strategies that can assist you to climb up the corporate ladder.

  • If you wish to improve your communication or get better at public speaking then you can opt for CreativeLive, Mediabistro, Lynda and Udemy. You would get to learn the art and science of public speaking. You can get better with your audiovisual presentations. You would also learn the various body postures, swag and overall attitude that you should develop to improve your career.
  • Depending on your expertise or specialization, you may opt for some design classes like Skillshare, Lynda and CreatorUp. From web design to using design in branding, you would learn a lot through these courses.
  • There are many such courses, including some on entrepreneurship, management, marketing and productivity that can help you to get better at your job and you can improve your career, either at the same company or in another organization.

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