How to Hire the Best of December’s New Grads



New grads don’t have a uniform approach to seeking jobs. Some grads would prefer to work for large companies while some would be happy enough if they get a job. Usually, the best grads will be selective and they wouldn’t have to reach out to many companies because the companies will reach out to them. If you want to hire the best of December’s new grads, then you must have a strategy. You cannot expect the best grads to walk in for interviews, unless your company is a brand that is high on the list of preferred organizations to work for.

Here are a few strategies that can help you to hire the best of December’s new grads:

  • Roll out an internship program for undergrads. This is the best policy to hire talent at affordable wages or stipends. You would be able to assess the potential of undergrads. There are many grads who have otherwise done well in their exams and may have some accolades from their colleges or universities but whether or not they are ready for the jobs being offered is a different context altogether. By having interns and then hiring them when they graduate, you would know exactly who you are hiring, what their strengths and weaknesses are. Grads too would prefer this as they can have some continuity in their career. There is an increasing difference between educated youth and those who are educated and ready for the professional challenges.
  • Campus placements or onsite job interviews are instrumental if you wish to hire the best of December’s new grads. Every year, major companies fan out across the length and breadth of the country and try to tap the best talent in respective niches. As a company, you must target the relevant universities and conduct campus placements. You can work with the career center at a college or some students associations to facilitate such arrangements. You can conduct job fairs at colleges to generate some interest.
  • There are many staffing agencies or recruitment companies that specialize in hiring graduates. You can contract such recruitment firms that will send you a select collection of resumes of new grads who have the potential to work in the specific jobs you have to offer. These recruitment firms know exactly where to source the best grads from and will tick the checkboxes or criteria you have. Advance Staffing Solutions keeps a pulse on the top graduates and helps them find matching careers in the fields of their choice.

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