Job Search Tips for December New Grads


Congratulations! You are one of the few lucky college students who have made it through and earned your dream degree. After the celebrations are over, it’s time to start taking a hard look at how you will accomplish getting a new job. While you may get a lot of well-meaning advice from friends and family members, there are some sure ways to get a job if you follow the tips from our professional recruitment team.

#1 – Create a great resume and cover letter

Your very first step in the journey to earning a career in the New Year as a December college graduate is to create an outstanding resume and cover letter. There are many resources for finding information and templates for building a quality resume and cover letter set. You are encouraged to visit online and library resources to accomplish this. You will also want to consider reaching out to a professional resume writer and career coach to help you along the way.

#2 – Develop a strong professional brand

The next move you should make as a new college grad is to create a brand new online professional presents for yourself. Ditch your old social media accounts and start from scratch. One good way to accomplish this is to create a free online portfolio of your college assignments, such as your written work and/or any creative or video work that you have developed. Then create brand new social media accounts that link back to your portfolio. Remember, only show off your most professional work that you will be proud to discuss with a potential employer.

#3 – Connect with staffing agencies

The next smart move for your career search as a new grad is to get registered with your local staffing agencies. Why is this important? In many regions companies only hire through temporary staffing agencies. This is a measure used by companies to save on the cost and time of recruitment. Select a staffing agency that is in your particular area of industry. For example, if you are seeking an information technology job then you will reach out to staffing agencies in the IT and technical markets.

#4 – Network online and offline

A great way to speed up your job search is to become very active in networking with others in your industry and in your local area. You will want to become involved with some of the local business associations so that you get a chance to meet leaders and find out about positions before they are advertised. Use social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to learn about brand new openings at companies. Connect with a few mentors in your area of interest and let everyone know that you are looking for a position now that you have graduated.







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