How to Be More Approachable in Interviews


After searching for a job for so long, it can be easy to get a little bit jaded about the entire interview process. While you may not mean to, this can appear as if you are a loop or unapproachable. Unfortunately this can also turn off the recruiter. You never want to appear cold or uninterested during a job interview. Instead, you will want to appear as warm and friendly to the recruiter. Read on to learn how to be more likeable during an interview.


This may seem like the obvious, but it’s surprising how many candidates sit on the other side of the desk with a frown on their face. Take the time to smile at everyone you meet during the interview from the secretary to the recruiter to your potential supervisor. Shake hands and you positive eye contact and body language. These unspoken things can make you more approachable and make it positive impression.


It’s one thing to have a bunch of cool achievements on your resume; it’s another to be able to quantify these results with real facts. Prove to the recruiter that you are trustworthy. Take a look at your resume and decide which accomplishments you would like to highlight the most. Then if you can get the real data to back them up. For example, if you have above average customer skills you may want to get your call stats from a former employer when you worked there.


Along with appearing to be a pleasant person, you will also want to communicate positivity in every response you have during the interview. You will never say anything negative about a former employer or both. Instead give credit where credit’s due and let the recruiter know that you have had positive experiences in your previous employment opportunities. This sets the stage that you are also looking for something positive this time around and that you understand that it takes a tribe to accomplish this.


As you sit across the table from the recruiter, be sure to mirror his or her behavior. This shows the recruiter in an unconscious way that you are listening to what they are saying and you are paying attention to their verbal cues. For example, if the recruiter is sitting with open arms he will want to take the same stance. Be open and be responsive as you go through the interview process.


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