Is the Candidate Your New Soulmate?



You stare across the desk into the dreamy eyes of a well-dressed and attractive individual. Then, suddenly your heart and mind starts to race, you get sweaty palms, and you stumble over your words, giggling nervously. Uh, oh? Are you in love?

Sounds a little like dating, right? Sadly, no…this isn’t another Nicholas Sparks movie scene. In reality, you are just another recruiter engaged in an interview with a job candidate.

It can be funny to think about recruitment in terms of the dating game, but it also makes sense. You are presenting a certain brand to try to impress a person you’ve never met before. You smile, shake hands, make small talk, and try to make the other person feel comfortable. You even selected a small, intimate office space where you can get to know the candidate on a deeper level.

How can you know if all of this effort will be worth it? Will you do enough, say all the right things, and get the person to take an interest in what you are pitching – in this case, an opportunity with your company? And then, is this the right person for the company? Do they have the perfect qualities for the job? Will others like this person when you introduce them?

Finding the right hire is like finding your soulmate.

Think about the concept in practical terms. This has to be someone who connects with you and the company brand. An interview is not just a meeting. It’s a chance to exchange meaningful words and energy between you and the
candidate. How well you do this can make a big difference in the way the candidate views the career opportunity. If you are not on your game, the candidate will sense this. If the candidate is turned off, not feeling it, or finds that they are not all that interested – things are bound to end up not working out.

When you interview candidates, think about the interpersonal skills you have. Can they be improved upon? Are you seeking that perfect candidate with every work order you try to fill or are you merely hiring based on shallow traits? Don’t settle. Hire the best person for every job and think about this as a start of a new and beautiful relationship.








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