There’s Such a Thing as Being “Too” Relaxed at Work!

Theres Such a Thing as Being Too Relaxed at Work


Has your job become dull and uninspiring? Have you begun to get too relaxed and lazy on the job? You are not alone. As many as two-thirds of all working adults become disengaged when it comes to their jobs. And another major percentage find themselves searching for other opportunities while on the company clock.

This is never a good place to be. But you can get back that excitement of your job if you take the following steps.

Go back into the past.

Think back to when you first started your current job and how you looked forward to getting started. Were you anxious to prove yourself to your new employer? Was your brain filled with new ideas? Take a look at your career now. What has transpired since then? Chances are, you are just getting settled in and taking things for granted. Try to find some aspect of your work you can get behind again, and go for the gusto!

Find your passion.

Instead of sitting back and just watching the clock each day, why not discover something about your work that gets your wheels turning? Think about the things you are passionate about – be it a cause, a personal interest, or a way of doing things. Integrate this into your daily tasks and projects. For example, maybe you enjoy planning parties. You could ask your boss if you can head up a team celebration committee!

Consider how in-demand you are.

If you were to leave your job today, what marketable skills can you bring to the table? When you become too relaxed at work, it’s easy to take this for granted. Someone more skilled, or with fresher skills just out of college may be thrilled to take your place. Get some training in an area that honors your job and industry, and appreciate your job a little more.

Share your ideas more often.

When is the last time you contributed a new idea to improve things at your workplace? It’s common to “shut down” when you feel like you are getting accustomed to the job and no one cares anymore because you are not the new person. However, you do have great ideas to share so make it a point to connect with your supervisor on a regular basis to share new ideas for improving things around the office.

By taking the above steps, you must step outside of your own comfort zone and stay motivated. In the end, however, you will enjoy your job more and grow as a working professional. If none of these tip work, and you want to find a new job altogether, click here to see the open positions available through Advance Staffing Solutions!







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