Are These 4 Crucial Items Missing From Your Resume?



Have you ever glanced over your resume and wondered why this document is so important? To most job seekers, it’s a necessary requirement of applying for jobs. But, it’s so much more. When you start looking at your resume like the powerful document it’s meant to be, it takes on a new level of importance.

Your resume is actually a marketing document – and in this case, you are selling YOU.

When you think about a resume in these terms, it makes better sense to ensure it’s not missing any critical elements that could stop a recruiter from wanting to learn more about you. Think about it for a second. The last time you read an advertisement, it probably covered several important areas, like:

  • a solid and complete introduction to the service or product;
  • a compelling reason why someone would buy this over a competitor;
  • the main features and value of the offering; and
  • the direct call to action – to take action or buy it.

Now, take a look at your resume again. Does it include the above elements?

Your resume should introduce you to the recruiter in a solid way. The first part of your resume serves as an area where you can develop a strong introduction and list of your work related skills. Like if you were reading an advertisement for a car, you’d see the intro to the car model and the features like anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, and automatic transmission.

The reason why someone would hire you comes next. This is the meat of your resume. Include your career experience and your education here. Don’t leave anything out, if it’s compelling and a reason someone would want to hire you.

The main features and value of the offering are listed as your achievements, your award winning work, and your efforts to excel. Include volunteer experience, industry associations, your portfolio items, and any place where you have received recognition.

Lastly, bring it all home with a call to action, which is included in your resume as your clear and up-to-date contact information listed prominently in the header. Use a cover letter to ask the recruiter to call you and list your contact phone number again.

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