How to Get Your Workforce Engaged this Spring



A workforce that’s disengaged poses a huge threat to your company’s livelihood. According to research from The Economist, around 87 percent of executives believe that employees who lack engagement bring down businesses. Therefore, it’s up to company leaders to create a workplace where people feel valued and can look forward to their jobs.

It’s time to shake off the cold of the winter months in the central states and get your workers actively engaged in the company objectives again! The springtime is ripe for new opportunities and energy.

Conduct an employee engagement survey.

Where does your employee engagement stand now? If you are not sure, this can be the perfect time to conduct an employee engagement survey of your entire organization. Find out where there are problems, where there are positive factors, and where things can be improved over the course of the next few months.

Hire some new people.

The spring can be a good time to bring in some fresh new employees too. Many times, employees become disengaged because they have far too much work on their plates. Give them a break by hiring some temp-to-perm help in Detroit to alleviate this stress.

Schedule a workplace celebration.

An effective way to bring life back into a dull workplace, lift spirits, and increase employee engagement is to host a fun springtime celebration. Create a spring themed week of events, complete with contests for the best spring fashion, the best-decorated workspaces, and more. Have an outdoor cookout if weather allows!

Organize a community event.

The spring can be a good way to get everyone out of the office for some sunshine too, an action that immediately lifts the mood of employees. Look for some community causes that need attention, such as a city beautification program, a homeless women’s shelter, or a walk to raise money for a local pet shelter. Just make it fun and get everyone involved in some way.

Issue promotions.

Instead of waiting until later in the year to hand out promotions and raises, why not issue them now? Give employees credit for their hard work, and they will stick around and be more engaged.
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