How to Land an Entry-Level HR Career



Ready to take on the world of people management? Human resources is perhaps one of the most rewarding and challenging career paths out there today. Every day, human resource practitioners are making big decisions that impact the organizations that they work for. Human resources professionals are tasked with making sure their organizations are compliant with employment laws and updates that affect the bottom line.

If you believe you have what it takes to walk the line between employees and the best interest of the business, then here are some tips for landing an entry-level HR job.

Get the right training.

It is absolutely vital to your career in HR to get the right training and education. Enroll in an accredited Human Resource Management program through a local university or college. Human resources is an ever-changing industry, therefore it is important that you get the correct information and instruction so that you can be highly knowledgeable about this field. Consider that as an HR professional you will be tasked with ongoing learning throughout your career.

Develop your leadership skills.

Human resources professionals are more than just payroll clerks and benefits administrators. They are skilled professionals who are leaders in terms of workplace policies and improvements. Take the time to learn how to be a solid leader before you look for an entry level job, because you will be tasked with proving your worth to other leaders in the real business world.

Consider HR certification.

It is always a good idea to pursue additional training and certification in human resources. The Society for Human Resource Management has guidelines for what every HR pro should be studying.

Try recruiting as an entry point.

Recruitment can be a great way to get involved with human resource efforts. This very vital role can help you to learn quickly how to be effective managing people, understanding employment rules and regulations, and getting the most from human capital in any organization.

Accept temp-to-perm HR opportunities.

Be open to working in temp-to-perm jobs in human resources. This can fast track you into a more permanent entry or mid-level role. Staffing agencies that have recruitment and HR jobs often look for people who have potential and then put them through additional training and even college to learn more.

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