Are You Missing a Mobile Recruitment Strategy?



Does your company have a mobile recruitment strategy in place? Perhaps it should. A recent workforce survey conducted by IBM Smarter Workforce Institute indicated that 70 percent of high-potential candidates prefer and are drawn to companies that have a mobile recruitment options. Around 12,000 workers representing organizations around the world said they use mobile devices for job-searching activities. If your company doesn’t have a mobile recruitment presence, that’s a lot of potential candidates you could be missing out on.

How to implement a mobile recruitment strategy.

Thanks to technology resources that make mobile recruitment cheaper and more readily available, any organization can create a mobile-friendly recruitment plan. Here are some ways to get started:

Create a mobile-enabled career website.

Set up a website with a career portal that is easy to access via mobile devices. Your website should be responsive to every type of mobile device available from the smallest smartphones to the largest tablet. Keep the content simple and have a search function prominently featured on the page so candidates can quickly search for jobs.

Develop an interactive brand.

The optimum content to share across the mobile recruitment platforms are videos and images. Use this space to create a powerful introductory video explaining the corporate culture and the benefits of working for the company. Recruiters can create personal videos to introduce themselves and the different job types that may be available. Your career portal can also be setup to share important announcements such as Career Fairs and other recruitment events.

Use a one-page application form.

Since mobile devices use a simple interface, you will want to have a one-page application form for candidates to complete. Several social media tools such as LinkedIn recruitment offer this option which can simplify candidate acquisition. You may also want to include an opportunity for candidates to upload a short introductory video or to link their social networks to the application.

Mobile messaging.

When developing a mobile recruitment strategy, it’s also important to keep in mind that you will want your application to include text messaging opportunities. Create short job titles and appealing headlines that can be broadcast out to all candidates in your system. Automate the process. Make sure to include an opt-in box so that candidates can choose to receive text messaging via their mobile devices.

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