How to Interview Like a Professional



After weeks of sending in resumes and cover letters you finally have landed an interview. What could be more exciting? Many companies are focused on identifying the top candidates who are interested in growing in their careers and learning more.

Companies are looking to recruit candidates who are recent graduates in high-skill areas such as information technology, business, engineering, and healthcare. The competition will be tough, however. You can stand out as a candidate if you know how to effectively present yourself in an interview. You want to appear highly competent and ready to tackle the job ahead. Here’s how!

1. Know how to make a great first impression.

You only get a few seconds to make a first impression. This is particularly true with potential employers. Recruiters can be highly critical of candidates, therefore it is up to you to put your best foot forward during the interview. Remember to come prepared, look the part, smile and make great eye contact.

2. Bring your a-game.

If you want to interview like a pro, you have to think like one. The interview is your chance to shine. Make sure you have rehearsed all of the major interview questions that you anticipate. But try not to sound rehearsed. Instead come off as natural and highly interested in the prospect of working for the company.

3. Get referred.

Companies often prefer to hire candidates with proven backgrounds. Therefore, a very effective way of looking more positive in the eyes of a recruiter is to get referred by a colleague who already works there. You can find this out by checking out your social networks and asking around. Have your referral mention something positive about you to the recruiter before you arrive. And don’t forget to bring your reference letters.

4. Follow up the right way.

A true professional knows how and when to follow up after an interview. Start by dropping a handwritten thank-you note into the mail, addressed to the person who interviewed you, on your way back home. Secondly, send a nice email 24 hours later to thank the interviewer for their time. 72 hours later, follow up with a quick phone call to the recruiter to check on the status of things and to see if they have any further questions. After that, hold your responses to at least once per week unless you hear otherwise.

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