Are You Working Too Much? Here Are Some Telltale Signs



Has it occurred to you that you might be working too much? You may have the nagging feeling that you are starting to get burned out or just not as enthusiastic about your job as you used to be. It’s not uncommon for people to feel this way, especially if they’ve been on the job for a number of years. On top of that, a lot of people are overwhelmed by the extra duties that they’ve been tasked with as a result of recession layoffs.

It’s never a good idea to feel like this for very long. Something has to give. Here’s how to determine if you are working too much, and what steps you need to take to regain work-life balance.

Examine your work habits

Are you the kind of person who typically takes on extra projects or works extra hours to get the job done? If so, then you might be a workaholic. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can contribute to a loss of productivity over time from being overwhelmed. Also, consider some of your other habits such as how you manage your time and projects. Do you have a good system? Or do you simply take on things as they are thrown at you? Your work habits can dictate how well you are able to handle work and priorities. It may be time to come up with a better system.

Check your health

Do you often experience colds or feelings of being run down? Or perhaps you feel stressed a lot? These can be the telltale signs that you are working too much and that you need to find a better way of handling things. Consider making a trip to your doctor’s office to rule out any medical problems that may be contributing to extra tiredness or stress. Then, schedule some much-needed time off. While you are away from the office, think about some ways that you can delegate a few tasks to others .

Think about your attitude

Are you starting to dread going to work each day? This can also be a sign that you are working too much and that you need some change. A job that is fulfilling is something that you should look forward to . If you find yourself dragging in the mornings on your way to work you might want to think about a change of career or a reduction in the work that you do . Ask your manager about bringing on a temporary employee to help you get caught up or to reallocate some of your responsibilities to another employee.

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