Stop Badmouthing the Competition in Interviews!



It’s natural for human beings to be competitive. But when it comes to her career some tactfulness can go a long way. This is especially true when it comes to job interviews. Although it can be tempting to say something negative about a former co-worker or company that you work for, it is never a good idea to start badmouthing the competition. Saying something negative during an interview is certainly a no-no. Why? It shows a lack of maturity and could potentially drag things out. Why should you avoid saying negative things about a co-worker or colleague when you have a job interview?

Why should you avoid saying negative things about a co-worker or colleague when you have a job interview? Consider these facts.

It makes you look like a finger-pointer.

In the business world, there are far too many people that become defensive and start pointing fingers at others and blame them, instead of taking responsibility. You do not want to be one of these people. If you talk negatively in an interview, you automatically send up a red flag that you’re somebody who’s not a team player, and instead always look out for yourself.

It can make a negative impression of you.

Unconsciously, when you speak badly of others these feelings and negative attitudes are automatically transferred to you. It’s a psychological phenomenal that’s called spontaneous trait transference. It’s the way people form impressions of each other, so if you are saying negative things, you can bet the listener is forming a negative impression of you.

It concerns the hiring manager if you were to say bad things about them, too.

The quickest way to fail in an interview is to start talking poorly about your former boss or the employer that you work for. In the mind of the hiring manager, it sets up a worry that when you are faced with interviewing with another company in the future you’ll do the same. So whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience with your current or former employer, keep it to yourself.

How can you avoid saying negative things about the competition in an interview? The best course of action is to turn a negative experience into a positive opportunity for your career. Say something like, ‘I was arriving early to accomplish extra work and while my employer didn’t notice it was able to achieve more in my job’. See the difference? The next time you are in an interview think before you speak and you will fare much better.

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