Feeling Unhappy at Work? Read These Tips!



Are you starting to think that the honeymoon is over at your new job? This is a natural experience that generally happens somewhere between the first few exciting weeks on the job and before the first six months. In fact, most people leave a job within the first three-to-six months due to a variety of factors, one of them being dissatisfaction with the job itself.

Before you choose to move on from this job, read these tips to uncover what’s making you unhappy and if there is anything you can do to salvage things.

Get to know someone new.

Even if your job seems new-ish still, you may be suffering from a case of being lonely as the new person at the office. Take initiative and reach out to a co-worker and invite them to lunch. This is something you can easily do to expand your horizons and get to know others. Over time, you will find these new work friendships are something to look forward to, and the job just settles into a comfortable routine.

Ask for new projects.

People often get unhappy about their work out of sheer boredom with current projects and tasks. It’s important to stay challenged, therefore it’s up to you to ask your supervisor for new projects and responsibilities. Find things that match your interests and skills. Having meaningful work makes all the difference.

Decorate your space.

Make your office environment seem friendlier by bringing in some family photos, a desk organizer set, a few plants, a small lamp, and some art. This alone can brighten your mood and make you feel more at home.

Check your attitude.

If you still feel unhappy once you take the above steps, it could just be that you are in a funk lately. Take note of your feelings about work and decide if you are just experiencing a negative period in your life, or if there are real job factors causing your unhappiness. Talk to your boss about this and see if you can get some support.

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