New to Interviewing? Here Are the Best (and Worst) Questions to Ask



There certainly is a method for interviewing, and the best hiring managers have this skill worked out. But, then there are situations that can stump even the most seasoned recruitment pros. The quality of each interview question usually determines the quality of each candidate.

If you are still new to interviewing candidates, here are some of the best interview questions to ask and the worst interview questions to avoid.


Don’t ask: Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is one of the most commonly used interview questions that does nothing but pry too much into a candidate’s professional (and personal) goals. No one knows where their career will be in five years in this job market.

Instead ask: Do you see yourself working here one year from now and if so, what does that look like?


Don’t ask: Are there any responsibilities that may keep you from being productive?

This is just on the border of being intrusive for several reasons. First, it makes the candidate uncomfortable to be asked this. Second, the candidate may feel obligated to reveal certain protected information about their parental state, if they are working another job, if they are going to school, or if they are caring for aging parents, and more.

Instead ask: How do you best manage your time?


Don’t ask: What is your favorite…anything?

This is one of the most ridiculous interview questions that has ever been asked in the history of interviews. It has nothing at all to do with a candidate’s ability to do the job well. It’s too personal and actually embarrassing for many to answer.

Instead ask: What is your favorite part of the workday?


Don’t ask: You have an interesting name/accent – where are you from?

This innocent-seeming question is a big no-no in a job interview. It is against the law to inquire about a candidate’s ethnic background or country of origin. You may think it’s important to know where a person is from, but in a job interview it’s none of your business. Don’t ask this ever.

Instead ask: How do you like this area?


Remember to review equal employment law guidelines before interviewing anyone for a job. If you are rusty with job interviews, it can be better to let a staffing agency handle this part of the process or give you a refresher on what to say and what not to say to help you stay out of hot water.

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